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If you think you can only clear out a severely clogged sewer line or other pipe issues with snakes or harsh chemical treatments, we want you to think again. Though minor sewer line blockages can often be eliminated with snaking, when serious roots and other debris have entered your pipes, you need heavier-duty technology. Fortunately, On Point Plumbing LLC in Houston, TX, is on hand and ready to help by providing hydro jetting services.

What is Hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a process that uses high pressure water, propelled a great speed, to clean the inside of your drain pipes. This water is delivered at a pressure up to 15,000 psi which is forceful enough to break down tree roots, grease and other stubborn materials. Anything the Hydro jet dislodges flows down the pipes and into the sewer. Since Hydro jetting equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly, you must hire a trained plumbing professional for this service.

On Point Plumbing offers hydro jetting with specialized chemicals to emulsify GREASE. Perfect for restaurants, apartments, etc. This treatment does not harm the sewer lines and is EPA approved, “leaves your pipes slick so the grease won’t stick”.


On Point Plumbing LLC, is your go-to plumbing company. Our dedicated plumbing technicians use advanced technology to blast away blockages and restore your pipes to peak functionality. Our hydro jetting sewer services are thorough and effective, and when you call on us, you’ll get :

  • Quality service
  • Reasonable rates
  • Expert advice
  • Easy appointment scheduling

If you’re facing a serious clog in your plumbing system, don’t assume that you’ll need to pay for an extensive repair or costly pipe replacement. Call the reliable team at On Point Plumbing LLC and ask about hydro jetting.


Our Hydro Jetting Process

During hydro jetting, our expert plumbers will first perform a video camera inspection to analyze your pipes. Next, we will take another look at the condition of your pipes to determine if hydro jetting is the most ideal solution. Not every plumber is equipped to perform hydro jetting services; you will want to work with the pros at On Point Plumbing LLC to realize the following benefits of hydro jetting.

Contact Us Today

Tired of dealing with that stubborn plumbing clog? Contact the hydro jetting specialists at On Point Plumbing LLC at (713) 667-6468 for affordable hydro jetting drain cleaning solutions. We also provide additional sewer camera inspections to give you the peace of mind that no other issues are on the horizon. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.


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